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We break down the complicated crypto world in small steps, so you can start trading in cryptocurrencies in an easy way.

About Follow Coin

Follow Coin

Follow Coin's mission is to further adoption of blockchain techology. We will do this by incentivizing high quality information.

Follow Coin is not a whitepaper-only company. It has it's office in Amsterdam and is a subsidiary of Knijbel, a successful dutch software house. We had our round of funding in 2017 and made our bones as a fairly inexperienced company in the rapidly changing crypto world. We learned a lot by having a working product out there since Q4 2017, processing valuable feedback and gaining a lot of experience.

Because of our insights gained with the alpha version of the app, we have completely rethought our fundamental idea and are working on the second iteration of Follow Coin. We are currently focussing our efforts on rewriting the whitepaper and rebranding.

Stay tuned and follow us on telegram. If you have any questions, please use the intercom in the bottom right corner or send us an email.

Follow Coin

The Follow Coin Academy is a community driven knowledge base that provides insight and knowledge for all levels of crypto investors. We have beginner, intermediate and expert levels. In the expert levels you will find deep technical analysis articles, but the beginner and intermediate level get you there.

Finally a place where you can send your crypto curious aunt to learn everything from opening her first wallet to making a trade on an exchange.

Link to the academy can be found here:

Follow Coin Academy

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