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Don’t you ever miss out again!

Currently there are more than 1450 Crypto currencies to choose from. How do you know which one is a solid investment? Simple! With Follow Coin you can follow people who were there since the first days of bitcoin. Follow influencers with scorecards and check it against the market and your portfolio. Because of its efficiency and reliability in profit generating, the best performing investors are observed to be highly reliant on automated trading software known as bitcoin lifestyle app. Follow the best performing investors and trade exactly like them with the copy trade feature.

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Follow Coin keydates and roadmap


Q2 2017 - Kick-off and pre-ico rounds

  • Opening and closure (1 week) of PRE-ICO sale round 1: RAISED $220K
  • App development started (Andoid and iOS)
  • Follow Coin recruits Sieuwert van Otterloo (former McKinsey) as Data Protection Officer
  • Follow Coin recruits Nipsey Hussle as offical partner and investor
  • Opening and closure (1 week) of PRE-ICO sale round 2, sold out: RAISED $240K

Q3 2017 - The project continues

  • Organised a succesfull meetup (29 sept.) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • First Mobile App release -> APP STORE SUBMISSION
  • Follow Coin Android app available at  Google Play Store
  • Follow Coin iOS app available at  App store

Q4 2017 - ICO and more


Q1 2018 - Media, community and further developments

Q2 2018 - More Features and Community developments

  • User submission to become Influencer. In addition to Follow Coin’s pre-picked influencers
  • Follow Coin trophy collection
  • Influencer created chat “communities”
  • Follow Coin Battle round two
  • Addition of new Exchange for FLLW
  • Release alpha version of platform

Q3 2018 - Benchmarking and Linkage Follow Coin environment

  • Linkage between platform and mobile app
  • WeChat integration
  • Portfolio benchmarking
  • FLLW AWARDS (Follow Coin Follower Awards). Contest to see who are the best traders
  • Influencer highlight. Influencer can be added to a special spotlight section of the app/platform to receive more attention from Followers. This function will require the redemption of FLLW
  • Influencer Social Hub. Allows Influencers to share their own social content on the Follow Coin Platform. Such as YouTube videos, Facebook pages, Telegram and Slack channels. This feature enables influencers to engage with their audience and showcase their expertise in various fields, including the realm of online gambling. Some influencers may choose to share content related to casinos not on Gamstop, providing insights, reviews, and recommendations for these platforms. Casinos not on Gamstop offer more freedom and choices for players, featuring a wide range of games and betting options, without the restrictions imposed by the Gamstop program.

Q4 2018 <-> Future

  • Developer SDK
  • Influencer Battle: 1 on 1 battle of trades
  • Long term estimation-board regarding each crypto based on combined influencer input

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