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How to buy/invest (in) Follow Coin?

Follow Coin is a Crypto Currency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crypto Currencies can be bought and stored online, currently you can buy our coin at Radar Relay (our recommendation), TokenStore.io or at ForkDelta

Make sure before you invest:

  • always save your passwords an logins somewhere safe
  • when in doubt, always contact your financial advisor
  • never give your passwords to someone else
  • save your Follow Coin in a offline wallet (like Ledger)

Our four USPs

Platform Experience

Together with the team of Follow Coin, we’ve got more than 10 years experience of building platforms. We’re analytics driven optimizing experts located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently 125.000 people are daily using our tailormade software. This expertise will put to good use regarding the Follow Coin platform and Mobile Application.

It’s not (all) about trading

Our platform will be for the user. Don’t get left out, but be there on time, and join an exclusive insight by Crypto traders with years of experience. Being new to the market is exciting and can be scary at the same time. Follow Coin will make sure new and experienced traders feel at home. Social interactions are a key part of the crypto world. Projects rise and fall by their community and the network they create.

Proof of Concept

During our Hackathon on the 1st of June, at the Amsterdam Conference Centre, we challenged a group of 10 crypto traders to create a small traders community. Speed was key. Within hours we’ve launched our first Telegram Group and experienced an immersive rise of users. Within one day 5000 users actively joined our Beta Platform, and started exchanging useful trading tips.


This is the moment. This is our time to shine. For this reason we’re already creating an Alpha version of our Follow Coin Notification App. This will be in the Google Playstore and Apple’s App store mid October. Our mission with the Public Token Sale is to create the best User Experience as possible.